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Friday, November 10, 2006

Fantasy Moguls

We've had several requests for an update on the Fantasy Moguls league we belong to. Here is our Studio line-ups. Any predictions on who will win the winter season?

Stunt Double Andy
- The Children of Men
- Flushed Away
- The Fountain
- Apocalypto
- The Pursuit of Happyness
- Alpha Dog

- Happy Feet
- The Holiday
- The Good Shepherd
- Night at the Museum
- Pan's Labyrinth
- Hostel 2

- Saw III
- The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
- The Good German
- Blood Diamond
- Charlotte's Web
- We Are Marshall

What is Fantasy Moguls?
Probably most similar to Fantasy Football or Rotisserie Baseball, Fantasy Moguls is very simple. Instead of being a "general manager" of a fantasy baseball "team," you are the "CEO" of a Fantasy Movie "Studio." Instead of drafting sports players, you draft movies. How well those movies do in real life categories like Box Office or Review is how well your fantasy movie studio does.


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